trina's quinceanera

i was digging through my files and thought this would be a nice addition to my blog. these images were taken a couple months back on july 15th (my birthday). yes, i went out and shot an event with carl on my birthday. this goes to say that i'm not a work-a-holic, i just LOVE photography that much.

i work hard and play hard, too. at least i'd like to think so. monica thinks i'm getting old, but who is she to say? she's only my wife. = )

after the quinceanera, my close group of friends and co-workers headed out to the great sushi house located in alameda. yes, i'm a HUGE fan of sushi. give me twix and sushi to make ed happy, just don't count on me eating both at the same time... ewww, gross (or is it?)