introducing... mr. & mrs. alan & heidi bradford! PART 1

by guest commentator: monica

in honor of heidi & alan's wedding in san jose, eddie has asked me to write his blog entry. and even though i played a small role in their wedding photo shoot, i still think i can take a lot of credit for any of the really outstanding photos. ;)

we headed over to the bradford residence to shoot the guys getting ready. i kept nagging eddie about getting to the house "on time" and he was in no rush, claiming "the guys only need a few minutes to get ready." of course, he was right. i forget so easily sometimes that besides having a decent haircut and shave, all guys have to do to get ready is put on their clothes & slap on some cologne & deoderant. done! the lawn area outside the house has some beautiful redwoods, which eddie took advantage of in the guys' shots. the bradfords and groomsmen all looked fabulous!

a lovely ceremony was held at st. lucy parish, officiated by a suprisingly young & hip priest who joked about the 3 rings of marriage: "engagement ring, wedding ring, and lastly, suffe-ring..." hehehe, i got a kick out of that one! the highlight of the ceremony was their adorable baby boy as the ring bearer, being pushed along in a decorated wagon down the aisle by alan's sis, kat. super cute!

the icing on the cake was the post-ceremony/pre-reception location shoot at santana row, particularly inside the hotel valencia. can you say GORGEOUS!!!! the stylin' couple already looked fantastic but put them in beautiful architecture & design and they look STUNNING!

lastly, the reception was all about fun, fun, fun. both sides of their families have such warm & fun-loving spirits. put them all in one hall with a complimentary bar and you've got one bangin' party!

congrats again to the happy couple. enjoy your honeymoon in rome. congratulazioni! salud!!!

//ed pingol

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