almond orchard e-session

i was given the pleasure of shooting with the super talented JOHN GRIFFIN on one of his gigs in a orchard full of beautiful blossoming almond trees. learning from a really seasoned photog truly is awe-inspiring. i mean, you read and read and you try to apply what you've read through practice but watching someone who simply just knows what they're doing like john is SO COOL. i truly am a visual learner. = )

below is what i've managed to capture... i know it won't be as cool as his.

if you guys want to see killer work from john, then check out his blog!

note to photogs: on the first image below, i intentionally did not crop out the strobes on the upper right hand side of the frame. i'm planning on sharing what i've learned and will show you my set-up to those who'd like to learn (i'm just "paying-it-forward"). i believe that sharing knowledge is the best way to network. = )

so keep an eye out on one of my postings in the near future as i will be posting a detailed diagram of what i use and how i use it.

//ed pingol