chelsea and bj's e-session part 4 of 4

guest commentator: monica

you should always have a plan b, which is what we resorted to when we realized the beautiful slightly clouded sky around the golden gate began to settle into low-lying fog around the bridge, preventing a clear view of the setting sun. not to worry since we were able to shoot some cool images on a bridge at crissy field. this bridge has some great urban/modern lines, which we wanted chelsea and bj to be set up against, especially since they definitely were dressed to paint the town! this time, it was chelsea's challenge to feign "warmth" as it was very cold at sunset and avoid getting her cute heels stuck between the planks!

congrats, chelsea and bj! can't wait for your hawaii wedding next year!

//ed pingol

dip me, baby!

keeping each other warm

the sophisticated couple