Jasmin and Jerome's E-Session

guest commentator: monica

you gotta love this adorable couple for picking such a great location for an engagement session! this time, we headed to sonoma to visit cornerstone garden, a very cool, creative, and unique outdoor garden museum. just the place to complement the playful twosome, the lovely jasmin and jerome! we were lucky to visit on one of their "free days." i'm telling you, this place has what seems to be an unlimited number of photo opps. it's just zany!

afterwards, we headed to artesa in the napa valley, which happened to be closed. so instead, we pulled over to the side of the lonely road for views of the rolling vineyards and a "swimming hole." jasmin even braved the snake holes near the arrow signs, which the heroic jerome was able to "stomp" away! seriously, a snake the length of a full meter came through just as jasmin wondered aloud about the holes in the grass.

congrats to jasmin and jerome! thanks for spending the afternoon with us and introducing us to cornerstone. can't wait for your wedding in august!!!

//ed pingol

playing around in the beaded rope, a cool sculpture, and one big @*s chair!

sublevel view, lounging under a tree, and a calming, white, zen installation

vertigo-inducing tunnel of love and pinwheels galore!

five flirty jasmins and just jerome

braving the snake holes and enjoying the views of napa