we've been busy = )

hello peoples-

monica and i have been busy and have taken a quick break from weddings and engagements to join our family and friends with their special events. as many of you know, it's also graduation season. check our Linsey, Normarie, Ray and Vedalyn.

we also attended a Baptism, a Picnic, a friend getting Mortified and a Wedding Shower... all that in about 3 weekends. whew..!!

this upcoming long weekend, monica and i will be going to a small island and just "chillax". we want to do everything and nothing. how awesome is that? so... just sit tight cause wedding season is in full blast and we'll have a TON of wedding eye candy for you guys when we come back.

i update my "Personal Blog" pretty often so make sure you bookmark that too. to get there, simply click on the image below with all the bubbles. = )

//ed pingol