crystal & louie's engagement session

guest commentator: monica

we had the opportunity to shoot crystal and louie just a couple of weeks after their civil wedding, as they plan their church wedding for september '08. this pair is an adorable, super-goofy, and creative duo! so creative that they chose eye-candy filled locations that we were unfamiliar with... boy, did they pick the spots! we started at the sutro baths in sf, which is where they've called home for the past few years. artistically-inclined, they knew that this was the place to capture some breath-taking views of the ocean & architectural ruins. then we hiked up the great highway to shoot a few city symbols before we headed to usf, the alma mater of crystal.

here are just a few shots of this chameleon-esque couple... watch them go from silly, to serious, to lovey-dovey. congratulations to the newlyweds, crystal & louie!

//ed pingol

the "lone mountain" campus... a misnomer for this passionate couple

role reversal

the sutro baths... check out their "star wars pose!"

they "heart" sf and one another

you better recognize the "t!" and if you don't, recognize the rings!

crystal & louie's variation of the headshot