donna and andrew's e-session

commentator: monica

it was very refreshing to be back in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, after many sessions in golden gate park and the local beaches. you may remember andrew from a couple of previous sessions, as he is otherwise known as dl da arsun, up-and-coming rap artist. this time, we had the opportunity to photograph him, alongside his #1 fan, donna, who is also as artistically inclined as a talented make-up artist/hair stylist at super image salon.

civilly married earlier this year, this beautiful couple is planning a church wedding for later this fall and we are thrilled to be documenting their big day. they wanted an e-session that commemorates the start of their relationship, as well as captures their personalities. we decided on union square, as we thought this location would include some of the places they visited during their high school senior trip. unfortunately, planet hollywood is no longer in/near union square but the disney store is prominently at the corner of the plaza, where we made a stop for a quick photo opp., even featuring the light-up rose drew gave her during that trip. this session was all about playing off their fun-loving personalities, which made for a very enjoyable session.

congratulations, donnandrew on your union. can't wait 'til your wedding in november!

//ed pingol

the dynamic duo

in the middle of union square on a gorgeous fall day

the mouse is how it all started!

serenading his sweetie, as she tries her best to ignore his silly antics. (check out who's on the cover of the newspaper she's reading!)

his stunna shades hide who he's really checkin' out

come hither!

dl, which is now both their initials