kristina and jp's esession

commentator: monica

this lovely couple met in college, where jp "stalked" kristina after meeting her at freshmen orientation. if you ask jp his version, of course it's different... but we're not convinced. =) it was fitting that he would propose to her at the same location they first met, just outside the dining hall of the university of the pacific. she said "yes" and the rest is history...

we joined them at their alma mater, to find they hadn't yet decided on all their outfit changes but believe me, they came well prepared! their suv looked like a traveling closet with all the options they had. =) the one outfit they were 100% sure of was their jordan outfit, including jp's jumpman ball that couldn't "touch dirt," since they both share the same love for this gravity-defying basketball icon. we had a blast photographing this couple, who cracked jokes the entire time.

congratulations, kristina & jp! can't wait until your destination wedding next year!

//ed pingol

jumpman & jumpwoman!

jp palming his prized jordan basketball

strolling through campus at sunset and more jumpman details

they call this the "mrs. chanandeler bong" sweater vest outfits

the rose garden

returning back to their "dorm love" days

the kissing game

the beautiful uop columns; re-enacting the proposal