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commentator: monica

wow! we can't tell you how much of an honor it is to be a featured photographer on the incredibly "wildfire-spreading" phenomenon that is "trash the dress!" talented photographer and creator of trashthedress.com, mark eric, has recently received over 1 million hits in under a year. he describes this specialized photo shoot that many brides (and grooms! and most recently, high school students in their prom attire at drownthegown.com) opt for as being "about creation, not destruction." it's definitely a way for brides to wear their wedding gowns again and have one last hurrah in them, while reliving the magic of their wedding day and the love they share with their spouse in a cool, often unconventional, location, and NOT having to worry about timelines, entertaining guests, last minute details, and perfect bustles that keep their dresses from getting, "heaven forbid!" a little dirty or in some cases, wet and really dirty. above all, it's about creating fine art photography, not about destroying a dress (at least in most cases, since brides have told us they're able to dryclean the dresses afterwards and still preserve them in pristine condition.) thanks to the popularity of the site, trashing of dresses has become a nationwide & even worldwide occurrence!

thanks to all you awesome brides and grooms who were so willing to let us be creative and in the process, be so friggin' cold and/or climb to vertigo-enducing heights! you are all such an inspiration to us and have really challenged us this year, pushing us to reach for better & "finer" works of art. the fact that you trust us so much speaks volumes to us and leaves us speechless. =)

contact us today, if you're interested in scheduling a "trash the dress" session or what we're calling an "aftershoot" photo session. and don't worry, not all sessions include getting wet or dirty, though we have to say it's a lot of fun!. =)

//ed pingol

article from trashthedress.com:

Ed Pingol- Northern California October 13, 2007

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hello all trashers-

i love it when clients say “what ever you want, ed.”
ooooh, i get goose bumps just thinking about it.
there’s a ton more trash from monica and i. get ready…

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