nicole and sean's e-session

commentator: monica

we spent a beautiful sunday afternoon at the japanese tea garden with nicole & sean, along with their adorable 18-month old daughter, amaya, and nicole's mother, who so generously accompanied the family to give mommy and daddy some alone time to have their engagement photos taken. like the great parents they are, they of course requested some family photos be taken with their little one.

slightly nervous at first because this gorgeous couple thinks they're "not photogenic" (and far from it, they are!), they became much more at ease in front of the lens. they caught the attention of many passerbys, some of whom demanded they have their own photos taken, too. =)

congratulations, nicole & sean! we're so excited for your wedding next april!

//ed pingol

so in love

gee, her hair smells terrific!

the "circle bridge," just before a little boy came up from behind to grab nicole's leg.

the e-ring

strike a pose!

sean's pretty strong but it seems like nicole's pretty tough, herself!
check out sean's awesome tatoos!

she gets her beautiful blue eyes from her mama! ain't she the cutest?!?


commentator: ed

top picture below - monica layering my big head with the couple and background. good job, next time though, try to find some flowers or something instead of my head. = )

again, you never know what can happen in san francisco. while shooting nicole and sean, we somehow managed to gather a group of onlookers rooting for sean to "KISS! KISS! KISS!" it was hilarious. then a guy spoke out and said something like "this is what new and hot relationships looks like" pointing at nicole and sean then suddenly turned and pointed at his friends (pictured below) and said "this is what old and tired relationships looks like". everyone was cracking up with laughter. a great way to end the session.

then we saw this van covered with action figures while walking towards our car. SO cool!