roxanne is expecting!

commentator: monica

roxanne and david are expecting baby #2 in march! based on her sonogram, the doctor has said that their second child will be another girl. however, roxanne and many of her family members are skeptical and believe she'll actually be having a boy. we'll just have to wait and see... we took this opportunity to not only shoot a maternity session but a family photo session with david and their daughter, cheyenne, as well.

a little shy during her first pregnancy, roxanne was a bit apprehensive about baring her belly. this time around, she was proud to show off her temporary outie! to all the women who are interested in a maternity photo session, we are very much aware that some "moms-to-be" have different levels of comfort with how much skin to bare. we are always sure to respect this. we also recognize that although you may be comfortable in front of the camera, you might also prefer to keep those images private. just ask roxanne, who decided it would be best to save the images which included her in a bra top for her family's personal collection.

thanks, rox, for sharing your pregnancy glow with us! can't wait for you, david, and cheyenne to see the other photos of your baby belly.

//ed pingol

the beauty of pregnancy! sharing a few tender moments with cheyenne and david.