a weekend in la la land!

commentator: monica

one thing about being the spouse of a photographer is that it takes foreeeeeeeeeeverrrrrr to get personal photos processed. okay, maybe i'm exaggerating but sometimes i swear that in order for me to see blog teasers of photos he's taken of me and family/friends within a week, i'll need to be in a white dress at the altar! like this trip, for example...

during our weekend at the salton sea group aftershoot (aka "ttd" or "trash the dress") session last month, we also took advantage of the weekend by spending it with my good friends from college in la ciudad de los angeles. on friday night, we were hosted for dinner by the lovely vanessa at her & david's pad. can't beat delicious homecookin' and wii bowling & guitar hero! after our photo shoot on saturday, we joined mikkie ("mikey") at his brand spankin' new home in downtown l.a. where we enjoyed yet another night of guitar hero III. but before that, we headed out for dinner in japantown, where we found ways to entertain ourselves while we waited for our yummy food. (see photos below) sunday was a nice lounge-y day, spent walking around little tokyo, taking a tour of mike's beautiful condo complex, before heading for yet another dinner with friends in westwood. and of course, we couldn't leave socal without having some natural frozen yogurt a la pinkberry, this time at my new fave place, ce fiore. yum-O!

//ed pingol

mom always told us kids not to stick q-tips in our ears like this. look, ma, i've graduated to bigger sticks! don't worry, mikkie used the other ends of the chopsticks on his food... we think. =)

hot sake on a cold evening. our attempt at the "jowler" pic, introduced to us by our photo heroes, "the image is found." (also known as our 7-0-7 "shake them dreads!" photos.)

mike's crib. photos can be deceiving. know which image i'm talkin' about? eddie, you're so naughty! tj's gonna kill ya!!!! =)