almita and steve's engagement session

commentator: monica

almita and steve are such a chic couple. they wanted both modern/urban and old/ruinous architecture for their engagement session, as well as a great view of the sunset, so we decided on the embarcadero and baker beach.

we met up with them in san francisco in the afternoon, surprised to see that the crowds around the waterfront had thinned out. unfortunately, cupid's span was covered by tarps and scaffolding for what seems to be a fresh paint job in-progress. (what is it with all the city landmarks being "under renovation" lately?!? first, the palace, then the windmill, and now the bow and arrow... oh well, guess we just have to be patient for the revealing of more beautiful and safer structures. =)

once at baker beach, we were greeted with a beautiful pre-sunset glow and a clear view of the bridge. the bunkers made for a great backdrop of the dilapidated architecture almita & steve were looking for. just as the sun began to drop down into the horizon, we made our way onto the beach. the sunset was just as gorgeous as our couple...

congratulations, almita & steve! we're looking forward to your wedding in august!

//ed pingol

"heavenly shades of night are falling..."

"... it's twilight time."

"when purple colored curtains mark the end of day..."

"each day i pray for evening, just to be with you, together at last at twilight time" (lyrics from one of my fave songs: "twilight time" by "the platters")

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