monica & ed's engagement session

commentator: monica

it's been a whirlwind for us so far in the first four months of the year! and since it's the beginning of may, it's officially my "birth month" in which i can persuade eddie to do almost anything by reminding him of this. for example...

me: "eddie, can we go get yogurt?"

ed: "ughh... but we just had some after lunch today!!! plus, it's not on the way."

me: (dramatic pause.) "but it's my BIRTH month... "

ed: (heavy sigh) "okay."

if you read the title of this blog post and wondered if it was actually us being featured as the couple for this e-session, you're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! after greg of bumatay studio found out we were heading early to wppi in vegas for the first time, he so kindly extended to photograph our "engagement photos," since he found out we never had our own official e-session. to be quite honest, eddie and i had never taken professional photographs in our entire 7 years dating and 3 years of marriage. well, unless you count prom. (and if i had access to our photos right now, i'd totally scan them and post them up here! go apaches, class of '98!)

i got super excited about the idea of having our very own pro photos of us to feature around our house. i started to imagine where in the home we could display them... but first, i needed to find an outfit! and "oh shoot, get my hair did, my make-up did, my nails did, my toes did..." since i'm usually the t-shirt, jeans, college hoodie, and flip-flops kinda gal, i was beginning to feel overwhelmed. but i knew i wanted to do this right so i scheduled all necessary appointments and dragged ed with me to go shoe and outfit hunting. luckily, we were able to find what i needed in one trip a couple of nights before we left for vegas.

we scheduled the e-session for midnight that friday night so we could take advantage of the strip's awesome lighting. as i was getting my make-up/hair done by the fabulous loretta of cutomized bridez, ed got in touch with greg who told him that he'd be bringing along his photog friends from the anti-workshop he was attending. that's when i really began to feel nervous. but i sucked it up (literally, since my dress was super fitted) and rolled with it.

it ended up being a blast! we hung out around the venetian, while greg bumatay, josh solar, karey michelle, erwin wijanto, david baxter, and crystal goss photographed us. used to being kicked out by security at private property locations, we were all very cautious around the location but fortunately, no one bothered us. seems like security had enough on their hands what with drunken folks everywhere. it was cool to see how other photographers work and i now have an even more sympathy for the folks we photograph because it is nerve-wracking! but all of the photographers were so cool and put us at ease. i'm so glad we did this!

below are some of the teasers we so excitedly waited for. thanks so much greg for organizing the shoot! and thanks to all of you who shot us! you all are great photographers!

photo by: greg bumatay
photo by: greg bumatay
photo by: greg bumatay
did i mention red is my favorite color?
photo by: greg bumatay
photo by: greg bumatay
ed's seriously the funniest person i've ever met
this reminds me of one of my favorite movies: "only you"
"phantom" is both of our favorite musical
enjoying a peaceful moment admist the paparazzi
a shot of all of us at the end of the night

//ed pingol