samiline and noel's engagement session - marin headlands - sausalito ca

commentator: monica

samiline & noel are the quintessential "chill couple," which is our fave type of couple to work with. so easy going, they were down to do whatever, wherever. sam has this beautiful amazingly long hair and if you've ever been up to marin headlands, you'll know how windy it is up there! but like i said, they are so chill, they had the utmost patience to deal with the wind. for noel, it's worth it since he loves her tresses. =)

we endured quite a cool afternoon way up in the hills overlooking the bay and the adorable duo were fortunately dressed for the weather. we've always loved the old eery bunkers and had a blast with them. ed has always wanted his own s2000 and was super excited when noel brought along his "other baby," which totally stood out in all it's white glory amongst the stark rubble.

congrats on your engagement, samiline & noel! and thanks so much for the yummy burgers!

//ed pingol

colorful graffiti in hdr

again, we don't condone smoking but it looks so dang cool in photos!

noel & his two girls

stairway to love

sweet caresses

"to infinity & beyond!!!"

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