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we're honored to be featured again on flashflavor.com! if you don't know what "flash flavor" is, be sure to check out this plethora of flash & off-camera lighting tips/tricks articles, created by the insanely talented del sol photography. you can check out our feature here, which looks like it's going to be a 2-parter so please stay tuned! and be sure to submit your own flashy details to matt!

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flash flavor details

by: Matt
posted on Friday, October 03, 2008 in Ed Pingol details

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If you have any snazzy lit detail shots and are proud to share the inspiration with us, please send it to me. Link to my "contact" page on the Nav bar to get me. 850ish wide with your branding. I'd like to build a series of posts with lots of killer idears.... so please contribute.


My friends Ed & Monica recently were talking about adding a flash flavor to their detail shots. This is a technique that i highly recommend you plug in and try every once in a while. We really enjoy adding colors or streaks of light to our detail shots. Just to change up your normal routine every wedding, do something crazy or set up a science project on the subject...watching that volcano spew can be really exciting.

Ed & Monica have previously contributed to FF. Thank you for your suport!

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Also read this article about FF details that I published a bit back...."shoot the cake"

Ed writes:

When shooting FF-style weddings, don't just limit yourself to the couple or the bridal party. Flash flavor applies to anything... seriously, ANYTHING. What we like to do is cover the details with our "safe shots." shoot it how you normally shoot details. as soon as you're done, start playing.

We''ll place the strobes anywhere and angle it in ways we've never done before... basically, we experiment...and if we get a shot, cool! and if not, that's cool too because we'll know what not to do next time. It only increases your chances of getting cool and unexpected images. we even surprise ourselves sometimes. =)

//ed pingol


Take this shoe shot. we placed it on this cool chandelier hanging in the kitchen. It was peculiar-looking plus the mom was like, "what are you guys doing?" LOL! the background was a mess, people were running back and forth, and if you shot it straight, it would definitely be a "throw away." So we shot from a low angle where everything was clear of any mess and we back lit it. same situation with the dress below.


Cakes are particularly shot "normally." sure, it looks nice with a lot of shallow depth of field (of course, everything looks good with a shallow depth of field). But when you look at most of the photographers out there, they normally settle on shooting it straight or maybe shooting down on it with a tilt, to be more creative. Why not add some "flava" to the cake? light it up and shoot low. Include the flare..why not? Anything and everything goes. If you like it, then SWEET! if most people like it and some hate it, then you're on the right track. Why? Because that means you're creating a niche with how you shoot details. This will make you stand out from other photographers. Believe me, it's a good thing.


Cheers & thanks for these images ED & Monica! They sent me so many detail shots that i figured that I woluld bring you a VOL 2 detial set from them both.... Thank you for your contribtion again amigos!