morning walk with monica and lola =)

commentator: ed

wow, it seems like forever since i've posted anything "personal" on our blog. it's been mainly business for 2008. i have a TON of personal photos that i've yet to even look at. seriously, i have a folder labeled "process later" simply because i really can't touch them or i would of fallen behind with work.

2009 is going to be different because we've changed a lot of thing in the business, we'll be unraveling our master plan in due time. it's a very exciting year. our 2009 clients are going to be in for a treat. =) YAY!!!

as far as you (the viewer), you are going to see some awesome photos that has never been seen before in the wedding industry. so stay put, bookmark our page and check back often. 2009 is going to get rocked.

for now, kindly please enjoy my morning walk with the love of my life, monica. =)

...and if you're wondering, yes, i bring a camera with me just about everywhere i go.

//ed pingol
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a simple plant in front of our yard

a spoiler from a car covered in ice


monica and lola


how pretty can grass get? =)

a branch that most poeple will pass without any hesitation