jennifer and eric's engagement session

commentator: ed

so our wedding season is coming to a full swing once again. plenty of stuff to post up. this engagement session for me was particularly fun. why you ask? well, it's because jen and eric are nothing but laughs. i can only imagine how their wedding is going to be.

we shot in and around embarcadero in san francisco, particularly in the spot where the huge vaillancourt water fountain resides at the end of market street. there were plenty of people, but surprisingly to me, there weren't as much as i assumed. we had great weather, the skies were blue, the wind was blowing and the temperature for me was perfect.

wanna know more about the fountain? read on my friend:

One of his best known sculptures, Québec libre ! is representative of the relationship between Vaillancourt's art and his political convictions. It is a huge concrete fountain, 200 feet long, 140 feet wide and 36 feet high sitting in the city's financial district at the Embarcadero Center. The night before its inauguration, Vaillancourt inscribed Québec libre! in red letters, to note his undying support for the Quebec sovereignty movement and more largely, his support for the freedom of all people. The following day, seeing that the city's employees erased the inscription, he jumped on the sculpture to reinscribe the sentence many times.[1] Some years later, the fountain became the object of a polemic involving U2's singer Bono. During a free concert, Bono climbed the sculpture to write Rock & Roll stops the traffic, referring to the power of rock.[2] 20,000 people were in fact in attendance and blocked some of the neighbouring streets.

Reacting to the act, the city's mayor declared that she deplored the sculpture's vandalism and that this kind of act could be punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment. Vaillancourt was then contacted to learn if he supported the gesture, which he answered by going to U2's concert in Oakland the following day, where he wrote "Stop the madness" on the stage, in front of 70 000 people. He defended Bono's gesture, after a speech on injustice, declaring that graffiti is a necessary evil as young people do not generally have the same access to newspapers, and media in general, as politicians do to express themselves." - wikipedia

now let me talk a little about eric's obsession with the jordans. this guy is a solid collector. i thought i knew people who collected shoes, but this guy... man, oh man. i believe just about every color of any brand of jordans for men he has. he is the man to talk to about shoes. =) i totally know how you feel, man. i feel the same way with cameras and lenses and flashes and accessories. it's just so much fun.

//ed pingol
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the modern vaillancourt fountain surrounding the couple

my 2009 "put a ring on it" pose totally ripped from beyonce

another angle of the fountain surrounding the couple... man look at that water too. so cool.

you can tell that they really have that chemistry

"will you marry me?" heh heh heh... only eric. look at those high heel shoes!!!

a nice little sun flaire

photo of the bay

a nice moment with each other

and of course, it wouldn't be an ending without the shoes =)