that's FRESH!!! fresh as in TIIIGHT!!!

commentator: ed

alright guys!!! we're in the runnings for the FRESHEST blog. oh, won't you please help. i told monica that if you help us win, i will do ALL THE HOUSE WORK for 2 MONTHS. SERIOUSLY!!! monica won't have to lift a single finger. i will cook, clean and even do the figgen' laundry (i hate laundry). won't you please help monica's dream come true for 2 whole months. =)

what? did i hear you say "how do i help monica out???"

click here or the photo of the screen capture that has been seriously altered without permission below. enter in the number 90 - as in nine zero in the upper left box thingie-mah-jiggie. that's it! easy peasy. oh, and monica i'm sure will love you guys for helping her out. =)

//ed pingol
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