traci & matt's engagement session - castello di amorosa - chateau montelena - napa valley, california

i have a new favorite spot in napa. it's called chateau montelena. this place has everything you'll ever need for an engagement session plus more. (it's also the winery which is said to have put napa on the map, having won a famous european wine contest with their chardonnay to the surprise of the parisians.) then to put icing on the cake, we also shot at the famous castello di amorosa, which matt installed the main elevator for. it also holds a special place in both of their hearts since this is the place he proposed to her. this session totally ROCKED because the beautiful couple totally gave us creative freedom which made for an awesome time and awesome photos. =)

congratulations on your engagement, traci & matt! thanks so much for introducing us to this gorgeous winery.

//ed pingol
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where matt popped the question

the entrance to the castello

sweet embrace

inside one of the towers

enjoying the warm weather after the storms of the last couple weeks =)

the chateau montelena

strolling along the bridges through the lagoon

the private pavillion

a's fans walking through the vineyard

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