julie and jeff's engagement session - the embarcadero - san francisco | california

commentator: ed
jeff is a well-established dj and nightlife event planner in the bay area. there was a time even that he was in the las vegas industry while maintaining a long distance relationship with his honey, julie. seems like this gorgeous couple couldn't be apart so when he returned to his hometown, we all expected them to make it official, which they have plans to do!
it's been a long time coming and julie & jeff wanted to commemorate their engagement with a photo session at the embarcadero. of course, we had to include his other love of dj-ing in the photos, too.
congratulations on your engagement, julie & jeff! looking forward to your wedding this upcoming fall!

love and the city

the bay bridge span

onemixx entertainment

a very cool sculptural waterfall, which was turned off that day, allowing us to play in it for a bit.

dj headphones

in october, they'll be "one"


playing around on the grass