yolanda and jhulsany's engagement session | filipino mural - SOMA | fort funston - san francisco, california

commentator: ed

yolanda and jhulsany also known as yoli and jhuls (pronounced "jewels") are a very down-to-earth couple. they also have major pride in their culture. they both chose 2 locations that actually have meaning to them rather than simply going for eye candy locations. the first is the filipino mural in SOMA that showcases several stories of filipino pride - a very awesome place to be. the other location is fort funston located near ocean beach. this park is pretty cool because this place is known to have gliders flying back and forth near the cliff making for some cool photos. it was great for me to discover a new location to photograph! =)

yoli and jhuls, you guys did an AWESOME job!!! looking forward to your wedding next spring!

//ed pingol
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