1on1 mentoring session with ed pingol in san francisco bay area

commentator: san francisco wedding photographer

i offer a 1:1 mentoring sessions, which are individualized 6-hour sessions covering topics, including the art/business of photography, hands-on photography time, and portfolio/website review. there are no secrets. i will show you ways i am able to shoot anywhere, anytime, no matter what type of challenging lighting conditions i encounter. take a peek "behind the scenes" on how i create dramatic photographs that "wow" clients. i will also describe the ways i have been able to save major bucks on my lighting set-up. we'll make sure we have discussions revealing methods and techniques to raise the bar for your photography!

we schedule these mentoring programs monday - thursdays at our studio in emeryville. a questionnaire will be sent out to tailor the session to your specific needs/interests. if interested kindly please contact us. =)

//ed pingol contact me =) edpingolphotography.com

check out other images from the 1-on-1 session HERE.