UPDATE: class postponed! - "just got an slr camera... now what!?!?" photo 101 class

so you just got and SLR camera... now what? i remember the feeling of being overwhelmed with all f-stop and the shutter speed and the iso and the... basically, it goes on and on to the point where you just set it on AUTO. join our intro class to learn how to use the darn thing so you can start using the potential of an SLR camera. DATE: Saturday 02.05.2011  Postponed! We will send out messages to those who have already sent in inquiries, giving them a heads up first about the new date, once planned. We'll be announcing the new date in a future post. Thanks!

Where: 2800 sq/ft Suisun/Fairfield California Studio

Investment: $250

If interested, contact me =) edpingolphotography.com