Miner Wines Napa Valley Proposal Oakville

This proposal took place at Miner Wines located in Napa Valley. If you’d like to know more about this location, feel free to visit their website at: https://minerwines.com/ or contact them directly at: https://minerwines.com/connect/contact-us/

Location address is: 7850 Silverado Trail in Oakville, CA 94562


800.366.WINE (9463)

As of 2019, their current staff contact info is:

Wine Club Manager: Tyler Kohfeld tyler@minerwines.com

Director of Marketing and Events: Abby Graham abby@minerwines.com

Director of Communications and Brand Strategy: Lauren Carpenter lauren@minerwines.com

Shipping Manager: Villamor Zapata villamor@minerwines.com

National Sales Manager: Mike Steffel mike@minerwines.com

Western Regional Sales Manager: Jenn Rossi jenn@minerwines.com

Midwest Regional Sales Manager: Desiree Walz dwalz@minerwines.com

Eastern Regional Sales Manager: Kelsey Christophersen kelsey@minerwines.com