spider camera holster product review

commentator: san francisco wedding photographer

The Spider Camera System is a four-part harness system that allows the photographer to have hands-free movement.

Camera belt and holster work seamlessly together to create a hands-free harness system. Overall the Spider Camera System is made-up of four parts that help a photographer switch their equipment without having to worry about messy shoulder straps getting in the way. Each system will support one camera and they can be layered on top of each other to handle a multi-camera shoot.

The weight of cameras can be a burden and get in the way of getting that great shot. This system takes the weight of your shoulders and directs them to your hips.

It is easy to get the camera when needed because it is at my hips where my hands are and it allows easy access.

I like the multiple holes on the spider plate to insert the spider pin; which allows the user to figure out where it can be placed for the most comfortable fit for the shoot.

The plate is created to align with the bottom of the camera and the pin placement will help determine the camera angle on the holster and I like how this allows you to customize where the camera faces.

The only tool you need for this system is provided and actually fits into the spider plate so it cannot be lost and this is used to tighten the spider pin as needed.

The belt complements the system because the platform on it keeps the camera from rubbing up against your hips as you move around. The issue I have with the belt is that it is Velcro and it's pretty hard to adjust as needed to get the correct fit. But once you get the right fit, it feel like it was designed specifically for you only.

My minor nit-pik about this product is the locking mechanism on the holster because it only allows you to auto-lock where the camera is locked in place and cannot be removed OR it is completely unlocked and this can dangerous for the camera and the photographer especially during an active shoot. To me I would prefer it to have auto lock ALWAYS just to be on the safe side.

What would make this product five out of five stars in my estimation would be an more agile and adjustable lock system that is able to keep the camera safe and allows the photographer the confidence to be able to move as needed for a very active shoot.

Overall it is a great product for a hands-free shoot and it comes with all the equipment needed in one compact system. Ed Pingol approves.

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