EPP TIMELINE - inspired by the talented "the image is found"

prior to the wedding - kindly fill out the wedding contract and submit the required retainer fee so we can reserve your date (remember, we work on a first-come, first-serve basis, upon receipt of a completed contract & retainer fee). we'll send you information regarding how to schedule and prepare for your engagement session. we'll also help you with your wedding day schedule, in order to plan for your photo opportunities properly.

the wedding day - GET HITCHED and SMILE!!!

1-2 weeks after the wedding - we will post several images ("blog teasers") of your special day on the blog. feel free to use/copy them for online use, whether it be through facebook, myspace, or friendster. please leave the image as is and avoid altering the image. (the pretty borders are there for a reason, giving us proper photographer's credit. =)

8-12 weeks after the wedding - ALL of the edited images will be posted on edpingol.instaproofs.com. we'll send you an email announcement to notify you that your online wedding gallery is ready. feel free to forward it to your family & friends. if applicable, your disk of edited high-res images and/or proof book will be shipped out to you.

we triple back-up all of your images, but it's always a good idea to make copies of your own on disk, as well as back them up on a hard drive, and store them in separate locations just to be safe. we recommend a copy on an external hard drive, a copy on disks, and a copy placed in a secure, off-site location like a security deposit box. you may even consider having them stored through an online data storage company.

10-16 weeks after the wedding - your primary album images must be submitted to us. we'll send you directions as to how to upload your selections onto edpingol.instaproofs.com. are you a self-proclaimed procrastinator or having a hard time selecting your images? don't worry, we can pre-select the images for your album designs.

6-8 weeks after image selections submitted - we will send you proofs of your album design layouts for your review via email. if there are any revisions/substitutions you would like to see made to the album, please notify us within a week. this will be your first and only revision period. if the album design is perfect the way it is, we'll complete our editing/retouching and send in your order right away! =)

1-3 weeks after the revisions - if revisions are requested, we will send you an updated version for review through email. once the album design is approved, we will take a closer look and edit the minor stuff making your images even better. then, the order is sent off to our album production company in italy!!!

8-12 weeks after the order submission- the order process varies depending on the time of the year. also, the timeline is dependent on how quickly image selections are submitted and layout designs are approved, which is up to the clients. (did we mention we have a pre-selected image selection process for the indecisive? =) when you receive your album, remember to share the memories with friends and families. sharing is caring!! = )

1 year after the wedding - woot woot..!!! it's your anniversary!!! time for an aftershoot or anniversary shoot, perhaps?

//ed pingol
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