A Sacramento Wedding

guest commentator: monica

wow... what a gorgeous venue and gorgeous day to have a wedding. the drive to sacramento was gloomy, with rain clouds looming above us. it wasn't until we got onto the property of the radisson and stood outside of stow lake that we began to see some sun. seriously, just beyond the property, the weather was completely different.

witnessing and photographing the pre-ceremony preparation, the buzz of excitement & warmth of family love filled the rooms where the bride and her bridal party were getting ready. the short, yet very sweet, ceremony ended in time for the couple to "jump the broom" as the sky filled with a glorious sunset.

enjoy the breathtaking images below of the thomas wedding ceremony & reception.

may joy & jb continue to share many more moments which take their breath away. salud!

//ed pingol

the venue
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getting ready
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ceremony during sunset
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