chelsea and bj's e-session part 1 of 4

guest commentator: monica

i just love it when we shoot on slightly cloudy days. gloomy weather behind us the day before and plenty of sunshine with cotton-candy strands of clouds striated through the sky during our engagement session with chelsea and bj this past weekend. our first stop was baker beach. since this couple will be wed on oahu next march, where chelsea is originally from, they definitely wanted to be sure to include sf, since this is the location of their first meeting. and what says san francisco more than the monumental golden gate bridge. we had such a great time with the two, who were pretty much down to do anything we asked as you'll soon see throughout these four photo blogs. be sure to view them all!

//ed pingol

"sk-eye" candy
(both of the sky and of this gorgeous couple!)

strolling along the beach


splashing around (in the only pair of jeans bj brought to the session. such a soldier!)