chelsea and bj's e-session part 2 of 4

guest commentator: monica

next stop was crissy field, where we got a chance to settle into a field of wild flowers. alright, so they were weeds... but they were pretty and bright yellow, which is eddie's favorite color! (anyone remember his first car?) great results on camera but not so great on bj's new white shirt, which ended up being splotched with pollen. ironically, chelsea's shirt stayed immaculate, though she was the one who volunteered that they would lie on the field.

the next challenging feat for bj was to head into a busy intersection in little italy, hoist chelsea up into a dip, kiss her, hold that pose for the camera, then run out of harm's way... all within 20 seconds! but his efforts were definitely worth the great shot we got of the transamerica building in the background.

and then off to the entrance to china town on grant street, where we were able to make-shift a "bj" california nameplate, alongside chelsea's name.

lastly, we found union square to be pleasantly much less congested for a weekend (thanks to easter sunday!) and were able to capture some great shots of the heart sculptures. the next feat included both chelsea and bj jumping onto a trolley for quick smooch, as it picked up a few passengers.

//ed pingol

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