megan and scott's engagement session

guest commentator: monica

their wedding is next year but since megan & scott are having a destination wedding at cabo, their "due date" for sending out their "save the dates" is quickly approaching! of course, they want to be able to include some beach photos for their wedding date notices. we originally set up to meet at the itty-bitty beach between berkeley and emeryville but unbeknowst to us, our chosen date/time was hiiiiiiiiigh tide! we opted for plan b instead and headed over the bridge to ocean beach.

through the drizzle, cold, and wind, this gorgeous couple grinned and beared it as they "frolicked" in the water and across the beach, as if on a hot summer day. "think warm," is what megan kept saying. i say "frolick" since scott was a little opposed to doing so prior to the shoot, though thankfully, he was convinced to do so by his lovely fiance. we think deep down he enjoyed it, as we caught a lot of laughter and smiles from the two of them doing so. =)

congratulations on your engagement, megan & scott! have a wonderful & warm trip down to mexico this month!

//ed pingol

all smiles for one another

footsteps in the sand

content in his arms

so... we've been noticing that "textures" are becoming more and more popular these days.
here's one for the lemming in me.