melissa and ed's engagement session

guest commentator: monica

melissa and ed really wanted to have a waterfall setting for their e-session. we had heard of a waterfall somewhere in golden gate park though had never seen it personally and rumor had it that it was either shut down at one point or was turned on sporadically. we began to think it was some kind of myth...

with some research and fortunately, seeing images on another photog's blog, we were able to discover the waterfall at stow lake. never having laid eyes on the lake, it was a wonder how to get to the waterfall, much less pose around it. thanks to melissa and ed, they found a trail to get to the falls and were willing to trek up the boulders to get some awesome shots, in heels, no less... that is, melissa, not ed. =) stow lake has such great photo opps. that we could have stayed there all day!

afterwards, we drove just minutes away to our next site within the park, in front of the de young museum for some pictures of palm trees, as a way to tie in their tropical wedding theme. here, we played around with the palm leaves to get some cool layered shots.

congratulations on your engagement, melissa & ed! we know your wedding next month will be as awesome and beautiful as the two of you!

//ed pingol

the lovely couple at the lovely stow lake falls

feeling as though they're on top of the world

a nice little dip!

e + m = love

tropical breezes