lisa and paul's wedding

commentator: monica

lisa & paul are an awesome couple. they were one of our first couples who decided to bring along "props" to their e-session, which spurred a bunch of our other couples to do the same. hopefully, they will inspire other couples again, in deciding to meet before the ceremony. "gasp!" dare we ask you to be non-traditional?!? i hope lisa & paul's photos allow all of you to see the potential in doing so.

here are some reasons of the many why we suggest couples meet each other beforehand, using the beautiful couple as the example:
1. lisa's make-up/hair were fresh and the couple's clothing were impeccable and unwrinkled
2. it's a great way to have a few, private moments alone before the hustle and bustle of the wedding, while at the same time, getting some kick-arse images.
3. it saves time!!! getting your bride & groom shots and bridal party shots allows you to be able to spend more time with your guests at your party.
4. this allowed lisa & paul also to do a shorter session after their ceremony, which allows for a greater variety of images to choose from, since we photographed these at a different location.
plus, we knocked out more of the "traditional" group poses and were able to do more creative and fun stuff, which most of our couples really want.

okay, i'm off my soapbox now...

lisa & paul's wedding was nothing short of magnificent. first off, lisa is a great diy-er and very organized, so we had tons of things to shoot details of. also, because of paul's profession, there was plenty of sparkly bling to photograph. we began our day during the couple's preparation at the hilton garden inn in emeryville, where the guys and gals got ready only a door or two away, making it very easy for us to capture both sides of the bridal party. make-up & hair services were provided by bbypin events. once ready, we photographed the couple, their bridal party, and their family formals within walking distance of the hotel.

lisa & paul held their ceremony at the fratellanza club, with lisa's father as the officiant. a very personalized ceremony was created to include vows and a ring exchange not only between the couple but between lisa's daughter and paul, which was a tearjerker for all.

with the ceremony and reception at the same site, it was very easy to take photos outside the private member's only club in the surrounding neighborhood. once back in the club, the party was well on it's way, as the guests enjoyed some salad & appetizers, before their delicious italian dinner was served. this provided the sustenance necessary for all the guests to dance the night away...

congratulations, lisa & paul! may you and your family enjoy a lifetime filled with plenty more joyful events to share!

//ed pingol

the newlyweds, roaming around the neighborhood

the dress. check out who's checking us out. yup, that's paul, the groom!

the details & the the bling, provided by "your friend in the diamond business," the shane company . their daughter even had her very own ring for the occasion!

flowers provided by the awesome huckleberry karen. that's lisa's grandmother's ring in her bouquet and she even provided a mongrammed charm for each bridesmaid's bouquet!

the ladies glamming up!

getting into the dress

the groom getting ready

their first glance meeting in the lobby

you can't help but feel how much in love they are here.

the bride & groom taken advantage of a few moments alone before
the rest of their bridal party & family join them.

sweet caresses

their lovely daughter and flowergirl, who thankfully for us, isn't camera shy. =)

the bridal party!

the ceremony and his promise to both ladies that he will take care of them. awwwwww...

congrats to the newlyweds!

more bridal party shots

"heart" ring shadow

cake and even more ring shots

"ok lisa, i'll take a picture of your new name."

"game over!"

the newlyweds having fun with wedding cake.
beautiful, yummy cake provided by le gateau elegant of martinez.

first dance; a very happy family

kiddos - i just can't not take a picture or two or three...
entertainment provided by 21st century sounds.

time to celebrate!

party time! i can't believe that guy actually did a hand stand! craziness!

family love and family group shot


commentator: ed

i can't believe lisa knows about phooning... so we all had to take a group phooning pic!
we had SO much fun lisa! thanks for choosing us to capture your day!