melissa and edler's aftershoot session

commentator: ed

i've been anxiously waiting to post melissa and edler's aftershoot session on the blog (i hope these images are worth waiting for melissa!). if you guys can remember, we shot melissa's engagement photos at stow lake with a nature-ish tropical feel, complete with a waterfall. then their extravagantly modern wedding at caffe verbena in the heart of downtown oakland.

and now it's time for their aftershoot session from the nitty-gritty urban feel of mare island.

again, i encourage every couple to do an aftershoot. why? because you get to don that beautiful gown again that you spent so much money on, without worrying about keeping it clean and take photos with your new spouse, in a relaxed and scenic location, without the hectic schedule of a wedding day.

//ed pingol


from left to right:
monica, lola (our dog), edler, melissa and your's truly