jen and ron's aftershoot session

commentator: monica

ed and i feel like we're a couple of the luckiest people on earth sometimes. it amazes us that one minute we're partying hard in vegas, surrounded by some of the most creative people in the photography industry and the next, we're in paradise, surrounded by some of the kindest, most welcoming people on the planet. we're lovin' every minute!

we flew into oahu the morning after arriving from las vegas after being sleep-deprived (thanks, wppi!) with approximately 20 or so hours of sleep over a total 6 nights. we stayed at the hilton hawaiian village the first two nights of our stay. as gorgeous as the property is, we found it odd that a man-made body of water and beach lay only about 100 feet away from the actual ocean. odder yet was the fact that some folks actually chose to lay out by the fake beach. strange...

the next day, we headed out with jen & ron for their aftershoot session. we had to take advantage of the gorgeous views of oahu and the island breezes so eddie asked jen to bring along something that would compliment her beautiful gown and would flap in the wind. can you guess what it is???

//ed pingol

the relaxed and happy newlyweds, which is the whole idea behind the "aftershoot"

a dramatic sky and ocean

who says a bride can't be sexy?

a secluded forest (... except for the hundreds of mosquitoes. eek! =)