melody & nhan's engagement session

commentator: monica

melody & nhan are one of those couples out of a romantic comedy. full of energy, laughter, and love for one another, we had a fantastic time during their engagement session! we met up at the japanese tea garden for yet another beautiful sunday in golden gate park. if you've never gone to the garden during spring, it's definitely a must-see! such a colorful collage of various flora for the eyes to feast on! and melody & nhan were so eager to create the goofy, humorous images we love capturing.

our second location was the palace of fine arts, where the couple changed from their casual outfit to being sharply dressed, ready to paint the town as red as melody's cute dress. for this session, we saw a more serious side of the couple. they were smokin' hot against the dramatic architecture of the palace!

congratulations on your engagement, melody & nhan! we're looking forward to your "big fat asian wedding" in august! =)


a gorgeous spring day

the silly couple in love

"best boyfriend" turned fiance

the extra-terrestrial touch

frolicking in the park

the palace of fine arts

behind the scenes

cool... i didn't know i squint that much behind the camera

here's monica (again) being a ham