kathie and charles' engagement session

commentator: monica

kathie & charles are such awesome sports! when we schedule engagement sessions with couples, we are very careful in assessing the type of photography they are looking for in terms of scenery and the "feel" they're after. together, we selected north beach as their first location, an area that has so much fantastic city scenery that we really haven't been able to take full advantage of before. it seems like every little alleyway holds something new in sf's own "little italy." this gorgeous couple was after the "romantic comedy" look in their photos, which we think they did a great job of portraying. seriously, it's not your everyday couple that's willing to pose in front of a "nudie bar" sign.

afterwards, we trekked off to golden gate park, which is such a feast for the senses right now since everything is in full bloom! one of our fave spots is the de young museum and this time, we selected the eastside of the courtyard area, which became our "playground" for the rest of the session. =)

congratulations on your engagement, kathie & charles! we can't wait to see you wed by "the man" sf loves in august! (we're being cryptic since this will be a great surprise!)

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//ed pingol

the wall of this world-famous saloon, vesuvio, has such fantastic color, pairing nicely with kathie's top

two rebels in love

charles' "wine-fro"

ummm..... no!

the de young museum & the e-ring

springtime in the park. kathie playing hard to get!

big kids at heart =)

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