happy birthday monica! it's payback time! =)

commentator: ed

first off, it's monica's birthday today! woo hoo! please give her some blog love. =)

2nd, it's payback time. as some of you guys may know, monica posted these embarrassing images of me while i was out shooting. totally messed-up. so, today, i get to return the favor by posting the images below while she's getting treated to a pedicure by one of her best friend. heh heh heh...

//ed pingol

such a cutie

she said never to post this up again

acting silly during a wedding... and no, we don't drink on the job =)

she's ALWAYS in a good mood

cake, cupcakes, oh my... she's always on it during weddings

monica having a "taste" of my roasted corn

this is how she looks after some mojitos

i love you, babe. happy birthday