jamie and jason - rancho palos verdes, southern california

commentator: ed

kindly please enjoy the photos. =)

//ed pingol
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location: wayfarers chapel in rancho palos verdes, southern california
event: wedding
photographers shooting the event:
louis palos - main photog - http://www.louispalos.net/
erwin wijanto - http://www.ewphoto.net/blog/
kerrie from platinum weddings coordinated the event

this is what happens when you give a kid a lollipop when he's hungry

bride and groom alone

the secret service pose

jason seeing a funny sign (you'll see... scroll down)

totally awesome sign

this flower girl literally went in front while i was shooting the bridal party and said "take a picture of me!" =) how cute.

the couple's something blue

the newlyweds alone for the first time

"get out of my shot louis!!!"

the venue was beautiful

red and black makes for a beautiful motif in color

the crew... in a box