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...i don't even know where to start. i can't believe i'm even posting this up. it's a tad embarrassing and uber dorky. but it really brings a smile to my face. =)

when monica and i were introduced to LOST, we probably watched the ENTIRE first season dvd set in less than a day and a half. seriously, we barely slept because we were that hooked. so naturally, our next flight to HAWAII, our friends neil and nette who were celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary, along with my lovely wifey and i were determined to visit specific spots and "act" out certain scenes and try to capture those moments in stills. it's pure comedy at its best.

commentator: monica

with our new obsession for the show and antoinette and neil's continuing obsession, we all knew that we wanted to get the best opportunity possible to visit as many filming locations/sets. antoinette and neil did the research and came upon the "ultimate lost adventure." image us four in a van, driven around by our "ultimate" tourguide thom, re-enacting scenes from the show for about 8 hours. i'm sure he was as much embarassed as he was entertained by our antics. we eventually got him to participate and "c0-star" with us in a few scenes. =)

//ed pingol
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this is our "LOST" pose

this is the original "LOST" group shot

a captured prisoner

captured and beaten

juliet and kate, running away from the black smoke monster

running away in the same location, before hiding in the banyan tree. see tourguide thom run!

sun and jin engaged

neil and nette reenacting the engagement in the valley of the temples

see the background of downtown seoul?

yup, same one... in honolulu!

the plane crash

we found the actual plane used in the series... and then some.

the "others" seeing the plane crash... yeah, wack photoshop job, but so what. =)

john locke and ben, scheming as always.

we found that place, too. would you believe that the "others' compound" is really a local ymca?

this is where sawyer and kate dove in to find the metal briefcase.

behind is where the waterfall is supposed to be but due to a terribly dry season, the waterfall was completely dry. fight global warming, folks!

here is the nigerian plane full of heroine that locke and boon found before it crashed again. it was nestled at the top of a large banyan tree in the scene.

this tree is really just part of a parking lot and isn't as tall as it looks on the show. monica's failed phoon.

one of "macky's shrimp trucks" was used in the episode where sawyer kills the dude who he thinks is the "real sawyer."

thom brought us to "macky's shrimp truck" for lunch. (this is a newer shrimp truck and not the same one in the show.) we even got a chance to meet and take a photo with macky himself!

here's sun "sunbathing" in her bikini, despite the disapproval of her controlling husband, jin.

re-enacting the scene at the same beach.

some fun photos

"is the timer on?" ...click

i LOVE giovanni's... total YUMMO! and shave ice from matsumoto's on the north shore. of course, not as delish as waiola's in honolulu!

you see a lot of signs like this all throughout the island.

a bit of hiking

this is the beach where they film most of LOST.

this sign means we're getting really close =)

mr. echo's church and a bunch of sets.

we found this HUGE turtle just chill'n on the beach... or should i say "basking"

the plane crash beach. bet you didn't know that the beach is actually two separate beaches.

more hiking...

"duuude, can this really hold my weight? ...are you sure?" the vines that i'm holding are the vines that charlie was hung on. we totally used it as a swing.

"woo hoo!!!!!"

the LOST fanatics, bidding farewell to thom. thanks for the awesome tour!

more photos

another view of the valley of the temples.

us being stupid.

need to add the jumping photos at sunset.

a scenic tour of a botanical garden.

pretty flower.

the beach at mid-day.